The Pure Band is a resistance band built by physical therapists in order to provide comfort and durability while enhancing performance.


Pure Band's story starts as many stories do in a dungy old garage or in this case a gym. There was a physical therapist who had been using bands for rehab for his entire career and thought there has to be something better. The bands he used with his patients and in his own training would break too easily and would pull his skin and hair. They would roll up and have to be adjusted constantly. The band was such an essential tool in his rehab arsenal so he pressed on hoping that one day there would be an answer.


Then one day he met this patient, an entrepreneur and business owner on his second ACL surgery. He was an entrepreneur and business owner working mainly in shirts and textiles. He loved the use of the bands in the rehab but hated the look, feel, and lack of durability. Then one magical day the stars aligned (I'm pretty sure Jupiter and Saturn were actually in alignment that day LOL) and they said we've had enough! We are going to find a way to make a better band. Something with the comfort of your childhood blanket, the durability of an Abrams Tank, and the versatility of a Swiss army knife. And low and behold lightning in a bottle - THE PURE BAND! The rest is history. Now each one of you can enjoy this amazing product right in your living room, or at the gym, or in any rehab or physical therapy clinic across the nation.



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